The Lost Souls of The Deadly 1928 Hurricane – Paranormal Investigation

Haunted Mass Grave

The Lost Souls of Hurricane 1928  When you think of Catastrophic Hurricanes, the first thing that might come to mind, is the massive destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew, This Category 5 storm reached wind speeds of up to 174 mph and made landfall in 1992. It decimated Homestead Florida. In fact it has even been […]

Aprils Special Guests

War Party Paranormal Talk Show

This is gonna be Epic!! War Party paranormal Radio Show is hosted by the KGRA Digital Broadcasting Network @kgra_db Show Host – Eric Vanderlaan – Team Leader / lead Investigator  @ghosthunterofsouthflorida  Show Co-Host – Mike Delcoro – Tech Specialist / investigator  @fla_paranormal_researcher Paranormal investigator Tip of the week – Tim Arnwine @longhairghosthunter -APRIL 4TH […]

The Port St. Lucie Florida Devil Tree

The Devil Tree

Excited it announce our newest YouTube release from our resent paranormal investigation at the Florida Devil Tree. Also joining us was Karly from the Haunted Housewives Podcast. Please check out their episode on the history and lore behind this spook tree located in a quite little park. HAUNTED HOUSEWIVES PODCAST EP36 BIG JOE aka […]