What is the DELCO Experiment?

The DELCO Experiment

What is the DELCO Experiment?

Spirit box / Estes Method / Ganzfeld experiment 


Mike & The War Party Paranormal Team, have been in the process of testing a new take on the Estes Method to possibly speak with Spirits with surprising results. First step to understanding the experiment is you need to understand the theories behind each part of the DELCO Experiment. 


What is a “Spirit Box”? 


Spirit Boxes / Ghost Boxes comes in many shapes / sizes, some are even homemade. The spirit box is a very simple device and consists of a basic AM/FM transistor radio with the ability to sweep through radio frequencies. Some Models let you adjust sweep rate speed, fwd / back, frequency range or even dual channel.


Theory Behind The Spirit Box


The Frank’s Box / Ghost Box / Spirit Box as it has come to be known is an electronic system, or method of spirit communication, also known as instrumental trans-communication (ITC). The theory is simply put the Spirit Box scans AM/FM and low band frequencies to create a noise matrix from which the dead — as well as other entities — can use to manipulate to send messages.



What is The Estes Method?


The Estes Method is done by isolating any outside interpretation by the users. The practice goes like this: You will start with two persons, a receiver or subject (person 1) and a transmitter (person 2) 


The Receiver 


(Person 1) will be a direct connection the the Spirit Box by using Isolation headphones (like Drummers Headphones) this will block out all exterior sound or voice. Leaving the receiver to focus on only the sound coming from the tuner. Next the subject will be blindfolded to cut out any visual interference. Now the subject will not be able to see or hear anything but the audio produced by the device. Now sensory deprived, the subject will verbally announce any word that they can clearly understand produced by the radio tuner.



The Transmitter


(Person 2) Will now ask questions to any possible spirit or entity that may be in the location and waiting on a response from the subject (Person 1). Remember, they can not see or hear the question being asked. The transmitter will try and build a conversation and observe if any of the words being stated are relevant to the questions being asked. This is truly amazing to witness when the results line up with the questions being asked. 


What is the Ganzfeld Experiment?


The Ganzfeld Experiment is a process used by parapsychologists that they contend can test for extrasensory perception (ESP) / telepathy. This experiment is conducted by placing half ping pong balls over the subject’s eyes and illuminating them with a red light. Then, using headphone, playing white or pink noise. Now the subject will have complete sensory deprivation. Next, the subject sees if they can identify photos or symbols directed on flash cards. 


The DELCO Experiment Explained


Now that you know the all the theories behind each experiment we can finally go into the the meat and potatoes. What the heck is the DELCO Experiment? The DELCO Experiment was the brainchild of War Party Paranormal’s own Tech Specialist Mike Delcoro. Basically a modification to the Estes method by swapping out the blindfold to a pair of custom goggles built by Mike. Theses goggles are similar to welders goggles or steampunk costume goggles altered by completely blocking out and defusing the lens, then adding red LED lights into each of the two lens. Mimicking the half ping pong balls but in a battery powered easy to ware portable device. War Party Paranormal is still doing ongoing tests with different subjects and in different locations with surprising results. The subject reports seeing visuals, a less groggy feeling after a session and the responses seem to be more relevant. More testing will need to be done. If you plan to test this experiment on your own, please note that under no circumstances is The War Party Team or Mike Delcoro liable for any reactions or injury to any persons attempting this experiment and if conducted, will be done at their own risk. 


Note: This is a Sensory deprivation or perceptual isolation experiment know any side effects before you try. 


The First DELCO Experiment


The First DELCO Experiment was conducted on February 5th 2022 by Mike and Joe Turino as the subject, in the Riddle House Attic, The Riddle House located in Yesteryear Village West Palm Beach Florida, was made famous via Ghost Adventures in 2008 and was the last team to enter the attic until War Party Paranormal was granted access In Feb 2022. 


The Second DELCO Experiment


The second DELCO Experiment was conducted on April 9th 2022 By Mike & Team Leader Eric Vanderlaan as the subject at the Last Chance Saloon. Where Eric stated a last name that was a very close in pronunciation of the family name that matched up with a murder / suicide that had happened on the neighboring property. 


More To Come…




To watch the sessions see below:

The Last Chance Saloon

The Riddle House

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What do you get when you cross the Estes method with the Ganzfeld experiment? The ✨Delco experiment✨ This has become a staple in my investigations recently. At first I was nervous to stare into bright red flashing lights for more than 5 minutes but honestly after using these goggles a couple of times, I now look forward to trancing out and channeling the spirits…and when I say channel I really mean it. I’ve never witnessed posture changes and voice changes while observing others doing an Estes method but with the Delco experiment I see it happen more often than not. It truly feels like that spirit has taken human form again (whoever the receiver is) and you can have a full blown conversation like you would with a friend at dinner. 10/10 @fla_paranormal_researcher & @warpartyparanormal you have outdone yourself and I can’t wait to see what you create next.