NEW PSB7-Pro Spirit Box

After 3 years of design, multiple prototypes and countless hours of research and testing, the PSB7-PRO has emerged and is now ready for field use. The PSB7-PRO design concept is the first of its kind with result driven features and functionality never before seen or used in a Sweep Radio Spirit Box ITC device. Background […]

Introducing The DELCO Goggles

Experience a new dimension of paranormal investigation. The DELCO GOGGLES’ red electroluminescent glow creates an ideal atmosphere for spirit communication, opening doors to new interactions with entities from beyond.

MK-Ultra: Unraveling the Dark Secrets of Mind Control Experiments


In the shadows of history lies an unsettling chapter known as MK-Ultra, a clandestine program shrouded in secrecy and controversy. Unveiled through declassified documents and whistleblower accounts, MK-Ultra remains a dark testament to the depths of human experimentation and government secrecy. This blog post delves into the chilling origins, the clandestine experiments, and the lasting […]

A Journey through the History of UFO Sightings

UFO Photo

Whether you are a firm believer in extraterrestrial life or a skeptic seeking scientific explanations, the allure of UFO sightings persists. As technology and space exploration progress, our understanding of the cosmos may one day bring us closer to unraveling the enigma of these mysterious flying objects. Until then, the history of UFO sightings stands as a testament to the enduring human quest for knowledge and discovery in the vast expanse of the universe.

List of Florida Haunted Locations

Here’s an extended list of haunted locations in Florida:   Explore these haunted locations across Florida, but remember, proceed with respect and a sense of adventure into the realm of the paranormal!

The Everlasting Popularity of the Paranormal

Ghost Bride

The world of the paranormal has long held a captivating allure for humanity. From ghost stories whispered around campfires to blockbuster movies depicting supernatural phenomena, the fascination with the unknown and unexplained continues to permeate cultures worldwide

Mysterious Haunted House of Refuge Florida

Exploring the Mysterious Haunted House of Refuge in Florida   Florida, known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant cities, also boasts a rich history filled with tales of mystery and the supernatural. Among these stories, one that stands out is that of the Haunted House of Refuge. Nestled along the Atlantic Coast, this historic building […]

The Fascinating Phenomenon of Pareidolia

Finding Meaning in the Unseen Have you ever gazed up at the clouds and noticed shapes resembling animals or objects? Or perhaps you’ve seen faces in inanimate objects, such as the famous “man in the moon.” This intriguing human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns in random stimuli is known as pareidolia. While pareidolia may seem […]

Exploring the Paranormal Phenomena

the paranormal has long captivated the human imagination, stirring up curiosity and igniting passionate debates. From ghostly encounters to UFO sightings and psychic phenomena, the realm of the paranormal offers a tantalizing glimpse into the unknown. In this blog post, we embark on an extraordinary journey to unravel the mysteries of the paranormal and delve […]