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Mike Delcoro
Mike Delcoro

Mike Delcoro aka Florida Paranormal Researcher is a Tech Specialist / Investigator / Case Manager with War Party Paranormal Research Team. He is also Co-Host of the team’s live radio show with Host Eric Vanderlaan on the KGRA digital broadcasting network. Mike Has always been fascinated by all things unexplained. His passion for videography and technology was something that he developed at a young age. You know, like one of them kids that took their toys apart to see how they work. Ya that kind of geek. Mike grew up in South Florida spending most of his young adult life as crew on fishing boats traveling the globe or spending his free time in the Florida swamp & backwoods. Now Mike can be found helping people that are having paranormal problems and helping run interactive public ghost hunting events, to help spread awareness and raise money for many historical societies along the Florida coast. He has been featured in numerous paranormal magazines, podcasts and local TV spots. War Party Paranormal Research Team is a group of amazing people with with each member having a unique skill set. Find out more about the Team and the other members here. Click


What is the DELCO Experiment?

Mike & The War Party Paranormal Team, have been in the process of testing a new take on the Estes Method to possibly speak with Spirits with surprising results. First step to understanding the experiment is you need to understand the theories behind each part of the DELCO Experiment. 

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How To

👻 Tutorial on how to build a Spirit box portal for approx $100. This is Florida paranormal Researcher and I’m gonna show you how to save a ton of money on an awesome Spirit box portal. 💀


Introducing The DELCO Goggles

Experience a new dimension of paranormal investigation. The DELCO GOGGLES’ red electroluminescent glow creates an ideal atmosphere for spirit communication, opening doors to new interactions with entities from beyond.

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Eric and I, Mike Delcoro host a Live Paranormal Talk Show on The KGRA Digital Broadcasting Network Worldwide!! Where We Will Show Clips, Speak With Other Team Members And Special Guests, Every Monday Night at 9:00PM EST



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